SCA Athletics Calendar
for Mobile Devices

For iPhone/iPad/MacBook users:

From your iOS device, click on the calendar link at the bottom of this page to send us an email and we'll automatically reply to you with a link to subscribe to the "SCA Athletics Calendar." 

When you get that email, click on the link in that email to subscribe and the calendar will be added to your device.

For Android users:

You can import the calendar into a Gmail calendar; however, if you are using an Android device and cannot install the calendar directly to your device's calendar, use the Android ICS Importer app from the Google Play Store using the link below, then install the calendar:

Once installed, when we update the calendar, those updates will automatically "push" to your device in real time. These are for Jr. High, JV, and Varsity games only.

Note: You must view this page and follow the link above from the mobile device you wish to add the calendar to--not a PC.

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